Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Adult choir practice – Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Band Practice as Scheduled

Contact Alysia Owen for more info.

Music Ministry Objectives

The objective of the Landmark music ministry is to glorify God through the medium of music. As we assemble together to worship, we will come into His presence with the singing (Ps. 100:2) of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs (Eph. 5:19), unifying our hearts in worship and praise (Ps. 150). We use music to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, causing the lost to see and fear and trust in the Lord (Ps. 40:3). We use music as an effective channel of Biblical instruction (Col. 3:16) and a means of discipling believers, leading them toward a deeper relationship with God (I Pet. 2:9).

Reasons for including music as a major part of worship services:

  • Music is a means of worship and praise (Psalm 67:3; Psalm 150, Revelation 5:8-12)
  • Music is an effective channel of Biblical instruction (Colossians 3:16)
  • Music is an evidence of Spirit-filled lives (Ephesians 5:18-19)
  • Music is an avenue of Christian service (Psalm 100:1, 2)
  • Music is an appropriate way to testify and express faith in Christ (Acts 16:25-30; I Peter 2:9)
  • Music is an indication of joyfulness (James 5:13)
  • Music is a source of comfort and encouragement (I Samuel 16:23)

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir is a group of people dedicated to God and committed to the Landmark Church of God ministry.
The Sanctuary Choir is the largest group in the Landmark music ministry. Participation in the Sanctuary Choir allows us to use our God-given musical abilities in service for His kingdom. The choir is responsible for providing choral music and assisting in praise and worship in the Sunday morning and evening services and during revival services with occasional exceptions (when other groups are used such as the Senior Adult Choir or Kids’ Choir). We also seek opportunities to reach out to our community with special productions at Christmas, Easter and July 4th, and other special occasions that may arise. These special productions give us a chance to use the talents with which God has blessed us to reach out to our community with the gospel.
Everyone who attends Landmark is invited to join with us in musical celebration through the sanctuary choir.

Just talk to Alysia Owen to be a part of this thriving and exciting ministry.

Rhythm Section

Our drummers, guitarists, and keyboard players are a wonderfully dedicated group of musicians who provide the basic foundation for all our musical worship. If you have experience in these areas, please feel free to talk to Alysia Owen about joining with us in our efforts. We need more good musicians, and we welcome all who may come to help us.


Our wind instrument players range in age from middle school to middle age. We consider the band to be not only an integral part of our worship services, but also a means of training our young and less experienced musicians. We welcome all who have played a wind instrument in school bands or other organizations before, to come and be with us as we learn and minister at the same time. Talk to Alysia Owen if you are interested in joining us.

Senior Choir

The Landmark Senior Choir is an energetic group of senior citizens who love the Lord and who sing with quality and enthusiasm about His goodness and our love for Him. If you are above the age of 62, you will be welcomed with open arms by this loving group of people. Talk to Alysia Owen if you are interested in taking part in this fun-filled experience.

Other Areas of Opportunity

There are other areas in which you can use your musical talents within the Landmark family – children’s choirs and special musical productions, the summer children’s music camp, Christmas productions, youth productions, etc. If you have ever used your musical talents in church, or if you want to start doing so, please see Alysia Owen to talk about it.