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Church History

In 1923, Reverend J.M. Burrell came to Statesville for a tent revival on Seventh St.  At the conclusion of the revival, Reverend Burrell continued to host regular services in his home.  In 1928, Reverend J.C. Farmer came to Statesville, and with the help of Reverend Burrell and Evangelist C.I. Snow, the Statesville Church of God was officially organized.

The services were held in a building on Eighth St. by Pastors Collins, J.C. Farmer, and Lindsey.  In the mid 1930’s, the church purchased property at the corner of Fifth St. and Durham Ave.  In 1941, the new church building was completed under the leadership of Reverend Charlie Jones.

The church continued to show slow but steady growth during the 1940’s and 50’s under the succession of pastors:  Reverend H.E. Stone, Reverend Corley, Reverend Sanders, Reverend Ogdon, Reverend B. Stallings, Reverend R. Ray, Reverend F. Boger, Reverend A.L. Gardin, and H.L. Chesser.

Reverend B.N. Black came to pastor in 1968, with the exception of a few months stay by Reverend L.N. Puette in 1973.  Reverend Black served from 1968 until 1978.  During his tenure, the church established a building fund for the purposes of relocating and constructing a new church building.

In 1978, Reverend Nathan C. Ridgeway led the church to purchase the present site on East Broad St.  The building was completed in 1983.  During the 1980’s, the church was renamed Landmark Church of God and became one of the leading churches in the state.  Dr. Edward Williams came to pastor in 1992, and under his direction a new fellowship hall and educational buildings were built.

In April 1998, Reverend Kenneth M. Hudson assumed his duties as the pastor of Landmark Church of God.  Under his leadership, a new sanctuary/office/classroom building has been added to the previously existing building.  The new construction has incorporated state-of-the-art audio and video capabilities, computer connectivity, and audio-visual equipment for every classroom.  Landmark Kids and Lighthouse Youth ministries both have their own facilities where children and youth meet to worship, learn and grow in the Lord.

Through the years, God has favored Landmark with many beautiful blessings.  With continued confidence in Him, we plan and work, knowing that the future will be even better than our past.  May He give us sustaining strength until the day when Jesus returns to take us home!